Friday, July 25, 2008

Lesson Learned

Last night i found out that at a certain point at the end of the day all of the water goes away.
I got in the cold shower as i usually do at the end of the day and about 2 minutes into it i notice the water pressure slows, and then slows more. i quickly rinsed out my shampoo and then the water was gone.
I got out and then realized that i hadnt washed my face, and i still needed to brush my teeth.
All of the water was gone though.

Lesson Learned- dont be the last to get a shower, and dont take a showe late at night.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A List of Tops-

Since i have been here in Mexico i have made up a list of tops for myself.

Here is to Tops-

1.Abualita calling the Tortugas.
2. Making friends with the Lopez family, plus Taco and Carrnela (the little dogs)
3. Visit to Uxmal, Mayan site.
4. learning to get a bus to stop
5. Bargaining in the Market(i have been deemed the best person at getting cheap things.)

1. Fresh Fruits everyday!
2. Lime on EVERYTHING i eat
3. white rice
4. Poc Chuc....dun dun duuuunnnnn.
5. Marinda

1. Kavu Purse..totally the best ever.
2. Chacos.
3. white throw from the market
4. chess set made from fish bones
5. mountain hat. oh yeaaaaah.

1. Yucatan purse
2.CAMERA!!! -that is top to everything it think.
3. MP3 player. (that has saved me from listening to some terrible conversations.
4. a new roll of toilet paper.
5. a lot of medicine from Dr. Vacarella.

1. Joe
2. Mom, dad, sarah, patrick, laura, john, summer
3. Corey Fox.
5. American TV.

I love you all.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well I am in the state of Chiapas now,
I am a totally of 16 hours from Merida right now. sitting in the car with 12 people for 16 hours has been an interesting experience.
I am extremely homesick.
and a little physically not feeling well. The roads here are really terrible and in order to get here we had about 10 hours on really REALLY bumby roads and then 6 hours of driving WAY to fast on EXTREMELY curvy roads. it made me VERY sick...and I;m like putting things in BOLD.
I have to go now explore the town we are in. I miss you all dearly.

Hasta Luego.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

hola de mexico!

hi everyone!!
I am in merida mexico safe and sound. so much has happened since ive been here that i dont even know where to start! my first day here was a little rough because i was so extremely tired. my host mom is extremely sweet. she is in her early 30s and has two kids Roberto and Regina. Roberto is 10 and Regina is 7, Regina is so precious. i want to bring her home. she is a little artist, she is always drawing on something or making something with her hands. Beatriz (mi madre mexicana) speaks english and helps with words when i dont know them. my first night here was rough, there are lizzards here that make a loud noise that sounds like someone tapping on glass and i heard one and thought i was someone breaking in, and then later that night around 2 i heard banging around and someone moving. thought someone was breaking in again so i turned on my light and the noise stopped. i got very scared. i turned out my light and then noise started again....and then i turned my light on again and it stopped. i was so freaked out that i decided to see if anyone was there (not smart i know) and i look out and i saw a guy standing there. i was so scarred that i ran upstairs to Beatrizs room and i couldnt even get words out. she told me she forgot to tell me that a guy named David lives in the back behind my room. I was so freaked out and had a hard time falling back asleep that night. Turns out that there is Another student from Gainsville Florida that is here for the summer. he is nice but I dont talk to him much. he usually comes to the hosue at like 3 or 4 in the morning.
Everymorning I eat fruit (Papya, mango, cantelope, bananas..things like that) toast (which is sold in a loaf as already toasted bread), and yoghurt. I love the food here. they have the BEST guacamole. Yesterday we went to Uxmal (pronounced ush mall) and it was so incredible! i have pictures from that. .. maybe later though.
for now i have 2 essays to read, 2 papers to write, 2 pages to write in my journal in spanish and that has to all be done in the morning. i need sleep for now.
i love everyone and miss everyone!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

in a matter of hours

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I leave for Mexico in a little over 24 hours. I just had my first class with Dr. Vaccarella and it went pretty well. I have to admit that after only 2 hours of sleep I was nodding off pretty bad. I would have gotten more sleep but you see- mom, joe, and I stayed up talking and such. Joe decided to go to bed before mom and I did and he was in the bathroom getting ready and mom decided to go hide under his bed. Joe came out of the bathroom and asked me if I was going to leave the upstairs, but I told him I had some stuff I had to do, really I was just waiting to see what happened. Joe went in his room and shut the door and I heard mom scream and walked in there. Mom was dying laughing and joe was standing in the dark in his boxers a little shocked and confused as to what was going on.
I basically laughed for hours and hours. good times. maybe Joe will learn to check under his bed next time.

i will miss him,
and mom and dad.