Thursday, February 28, 2008

Monday, February 25, 2008


I am having the hardest time concentrating today, maybe it is the lack of sleep, maybe it is the amount of sugar in my body, maybe a combination of both.
I was on duty this past weekend, but it was the best on duty ever. Andi came up from Troy, and Joe came up from Luverne. We basically spent Saturday running around in the freezing cold, eating ungodly amounts of cookies (I think I had 11), going to wal-mart to many times, and playing tons of rounds of Truco...also known by Catherine as "Trio".

so with the wonderful weekend behind me I am left with hilarious memories and a stomach full of sweets.

As for today, I have been very productive, already I have gone to class, both of my closets, cleaned out my fridge, cleaned out from under my sink, washed dishes left over from the weekend, spent time with the Lord, and napped...and it's only 4:10! oh, and I had an awesome conversation with dad about "how fast is slow enough" or maybe it was something on "daurting / quating" haha, either way, it was fun and relieving to talk with him. and even now I am still looking forward to a visit with Miles and a conversation with Joe later... and probably Catherine coming in my room for a few hours, as it happens every night.

I haven't done any homework yet though. Miles will be here in about 20, I guess I'm going to fill my time with "Chips adventure" (I know you're jealous that I have that game and you don't laura. maybe some day)


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Book 3: Chapter 1

And so I step from a cold winter into spring...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

words are coming out

I have been so terrible about keeping everything updated on my blog.
I still haven't figured out why I have a blog, except to take less time in updating everyone about my life. Is that the point? I always thought it was supposed to be an "online journal", but who really posts their deepest thought and wishes online? I suppose I will just allow this space to be one that I update everyone in instead of using for my own benefit, because if I were to do that, nothing would ever get posted.
So! as for an update- School has been going well in general. I have been getting more involved in my Spanish class which is a huge relief, I made an 'A' on my last quiz which was wonderful. Health and wellness is not going well on the other hand, I have made on C and one B... maybe that has something to with not ever reading my book.
RA things are going fine. I have people coming in my room at all hours wanting to talk about random thing, and I'm still getting used to that. Aside from the writing people up for smoking, kicking boys out of the dorm and having someone arrested, things are great. I am becoming for comfortable with my responsibility of enforcing the rules, and I have found that I am more compassionate and forgiving than I thought I was. I am still looking for opportunities to show Christ to people, and honestly I just don't how to do it other than just allowing people to see me on a day to day basis, and even that doesn't seem to be good enough. I want so badly to see people's lives changed, but at the same time know nothing of how to influence that. I know that I can do nothing in my own strength, yet I don't feel that the Lord is even using me here.
I have been so intrigued by the verse in Galatians the past couple of weeks that talks about keeping in step with the Spirit. " Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit." I want to keep in step with the Spirit, and learning to be still, and wait is coming slowly. I guess it's a life long process, so in that case, I am learning patience.
that was all a bit long winded, as for other things. I got my hair cut, and put red streaks in it... and I cloned myself.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the third dimension

Here are some projects from my 3 dimensional design class. The project was to take several flat planes, cut them out, and put them together to create one form. Here are three examples of some other student's work:

As for me, instead of building something and then placing it on a base, I decided to suspend it inside a frame. After weeks of cutting, gluing, painting, and being challenged by my teacher, this is what I got:

Everyone really liked the piece, and my teacher was suprised that I pulled it off and pleased as well.
I think I am in the running for an A.

Monday, February 4, 2008