Wednesday, April 29, 2009

in class

"paula dean is the paul bunion of cooking, she is a pioneer...if this doesn't work we are going to have to talk about Emeril."

"paula makes this bacon cone for old people. she's crazy! she cooks with rings on"

"have yall looked through the Michael Jacksons auction stuff? it's on flicker, it's crazy!" 

"He fled the country. you can go online to look at all of it, it's really creepy. I mean, Bad?? he was bad!! god he was bad!, have you seen the moon walk? no one can do it like him! he's floating. probably one of the ugly jackson brothers came up with it and michael stole it."

"yall talk about pancakes or something"

-Thanks Collin for the enlightening conversation. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crazy lady Crazy Lady!

If i don't stop having jacked up dreams about mine and joe's wedding I don't know what I'm going to do!
Last night I had a dream that the wedding and reception happened and I didn't remember ANY of it. I had to walk around asking people what happened. Then Joe and I spent our first night on a boat dock that had no flat floors and was on top of our house. We ended up going down to the how to mom and dads room because they were out of town and then summer walked in and threw the phone and me and Joe (who I might add were both fully clothed :o)  )  then, we decided to go upstairs then mom and dad came home and Joe wanted to go talk to them... and I was so upset that I screamed at mom "we haven't even consummated the marriage yet!" 
I woke up shortly after. It was terrible.
Summer- please don't throw phones at us. That's not nice. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

almost done

I just read Sarah's blog and saw where she is home in Dothan.

I am ready to be home too. Sometimes at night I can't sleep because I am making a list of everything I need to do in order to go back home. I am in the middle of packing up my room here at school. all of my things have multiplied since being here and it is a slow process of going through things and packing/throwing them out. 
I have a very long to-do list between now and graduation, and I'm not sure how in the world I am going to get it all done. I need to clone myself, or get someone (i.e. summer) to come up here and help me. 

I also can't sleep because I am always thinking about how when I wake up it will be one more day closer to marrying Joe. I lay in bed in the mornings thinking about how we will decorate, what we will need to buy the first time we go to the store, what we should return, what we will do while in Kentucky. It is all so new, so exciting. 

To Do Today:
Write more thank you letters
Work out
Finish Research paper
Pack up more

39 Days.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm sitting in class right now.
we are having a photography critique. I'm looking very interested in what is going on and keeping my hands still and the typing silent.   :o)

I'm getting excited about the's getting so close! i will be going home every minute I can spare in order to prepare for it all.

This weekend on the agenda I will work on invitations, lay out, check on the tux vest colors, check the rehearsal dinner site.

Let's Go!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've got sunshine

Yesterday I got a phone call around 11:45 and it was my amazing fiance called to see if he could bring me something for lunch, that's all sweet and all, but he lives 2 hours away!
Turns out he was driving up to take me to the doctor!

He took a vacation day of sorts to come up here and go to the doctor with me for my check-up. He's the best! He had asked the day before if there was anything he could do for me, and I was thinking that all I wanted was for him to come up here and be with me for a little while, but I didn't tell him because I didn't want to make him sad that he couldn't be here. 

We went to the doctor and turns out that my white blood cell count is back to normal! Praise God!!! the doctor gave me some medicine to help me deal with the nausea so I can finish my medicine. The only problem with that is that it knocks me into next week when I take it. I sleep so hard for so long, and then feel cloudy all day. 

I am so so thankful for Joe. He is just a huge support to me and a great encourager. Sometimes I am just blown away at the fact that God has blessed me with him and that I get to spend the rest of my life with him. I am so excited about that.

I am feeling much better these days. I am almost done taking my medicine, and I'm learning to cope with the nausea I do have. I am pretty sure I will by 100% again by Sunday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My teacher is seven minutes late as of right now.

I would like to tell him that I am concerned about his attendance. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have gotten to the point in the semester where I am beginning to wear the same thing a few days in a row. 

It's terrible, I know, but if you were feeling the way I felt everyday you wouldn't give a single thought to what people thought about you.

wake up feeling like barfing, and go to bed feeling like barfing, and all the time in between is spent just trying to catch my breath and think happy thoughts.

Tomorrow I go to the doctor to find out where I stand with my blood and what not.

update to follow.

Monday, April 13, 2009

what the.....

I am a very dilligent student. I have a 4.0, I don't just skip class for fun.

I am always 20 minutes early to my digital media class. always. I open the room for other people because they don't know the code, and my teacher is always 5 minutes late. 

Today we got grade sheets back. I have made A's on all of my projects, but at the bottom of my grade sheet my teacher wrote "I am concerned with your attendance. please make an effort to not miss any additional classes. Thanks."

Say what?!

I miss wednesday because I went to take the GRE (which he knew) and I miss Friday due to extreme nausea. 2 days.

my teachers a doof.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I went to take the GRE today, thinking it would be like any other day. 

20 minutes into the first section of writing I started getting really light headed. I stood up knowing I was about to throw up. I told the head guy that I had to go to the bathroom THEN and not sign out or whatever. he walks with me down the hall and half way there I slightly black out and fall to the floor and begin throwing up everywhere. He picked me up by my arms and helped me get to the bathroom. I am sure I am not the fist person to throw up during the test (I was warned about people throwing up online), but I still felt terrible for doing it!

I continued on with the test feeling like crap and thinking any minute I was going to blow again.

I drove back to montevallo, thinking the whole way back that I wasn't going to make it. I did though. I went directly to the nurse where I had to wait over an hour for her. I was so miserable!! when I finally got in to see her she took my temperature and it was 101.4 she was very worried because she couldn't find the source of it. I was trying with everything not to cry. It is the worst thing to be sick without family. or Joe. 

She made me pee in a cup. and sent me to another doctor. 

I called catherine as soon as I got to my room and she came right over with drink and made me drink it. She is a good friend.

She drove me to the doctor where we waited for an hour again. It was as hot as hades in there too. I finally went back to the doctor and laid on the bed thing crying, waiting for him to come. He came in eventually, and I wiped my face alot. He is a young doctor, but very nice.

They made me pee in a cup again, and then they stuck a needle in my arm. I sat in the chair waiting for the lady to stick me and I was just crying my eyes out. 

It made me realize how much I love mom being in the doctors room with me. Usually she makes me laugh and not feel uncomfortable. I laid on the bed thing again and just cried, waiting for the doctor. I told myself jokes some and laughed. 

The doctor finally came back and told me I probably had an infection of some kind. he gave me some meds and talked with mom. 

Catherine waiting patiently in the hot box for me to get out of the doctor. it was 3 hours total. So, everyone should give catherine a hug when you see her. She is being my family while people aren't here. I miss home a lot. I miss my sisters, and I really really miss joe!!!!!!

I am feeling much better now. my body is not hurting as bad, and my temperature has gone down from 103 to 99, and I've got to take it again. 

I will be ok tomorrow I am sure. I am just taking it easy. I have peer review tomorrow for my class, so I am going. but I am laying down the rest of the time.

I miss home. I miss Joe. Period.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Old Mexico

Today for Lunch
-Beef wraps - Flour tortillas

Today for dinner
-Quesadillas- flour toritllas

Thanks Caf, I can always count on you not to waste food, and give me yucky after tastes of salsa.
You're the best!