Monday, June 30, 2008


First of all- I love my new Camera!

I leave for Mexico in 8 days and I am not prepared at all.

I'm not even sure what being prepared looks like, but I'm not it.

I have started writing my response papers to the 60 pages of reading I had. I've had over 2 months to work on it and I'm just now doing it. Maybe I work better under pressure.

I know I have to finish them at least by Thursday afternoon because William Joseph will be here Thursday night!!

This coming weekend should be wonderful. Joe's family is coming down the 4th, and Joe will be here an extra day. I'm excited.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I really miss Summer.


This time next week I will be sitting in class listening to Dr. Vaccarella give lectures in Español.
Tha'ts exciting.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I feel the need...

To update about something, but sadly there is not a whole bunch of news to share.
I have two weeks left of work, and with that about two and a half weeks left until I leave for México. I am very excited and I want so badly to pull a Summer Wells and start packing now.

I still have 8 or so pages to write on my reaction to some essays for my Spanish class, and I also still have 5 more essays to read. I've had the past month and a half to work on it, but could never bring myself to do the work. I guess I'll have to now. I just don't have any feelings about the things I am readying. I need John Moss.

I have also be very productive as of late (Yes, Mr. Jones, I've been VERY productive).
Since Grandmother Pippins house was flooded I have been doing work for mom over there packing boxes, moving boxes, ripping out carpet...things like that. Since mom is unable to do the work because of knee and back pains, I have been helping. I've also been cooking a lot for the Grandmother and have found that it is the perfect opportunity to try new recipes and new flavors. I'm sure she won't mind.
A few days ago I spent the afternoon building a swing, sewing a pillow case, cooking all meals for g'ma, moving furniture for mom, painting floors, cleaning bathrooms and so on. actually that has been my week summed up. (I know Mr. A, I'm a saint).
but now I am exhausted.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I only have two weeks of work left (not including this one) before I am finished for the summer. I actually have about 4 weeks before I leave for mexico, but I figured I could use a week off to go and visit people that I haven't had time to do since I was working, and maybe pack some things. Now, if I were Summer I would probably start packing now for the trip in 4 weeks. But alas, I am not and in all reality I most likely won't start pack until a day or two before I leave. I'm just a last minute person on those things.
I am beginning to get more and more excited about my trip, and at the same time realizing more and more how much I need to keep my spanish up. These days I just freeze up when the opportunity comes for me to use what I have been working so hard on for the past year. I won't have time for that in Merida. Yesterday at work a woman came in who couldn't speak english. luckily she was with her daughter who could. she asked at one point how much her total came to and her daughter didn't hear her so I wanted to tell her. once again I froze up and her daughter ended up answering. (doscientos cuarenta y uno y setenta y uno céntimo...or something very close to that). When I got home I pulled out my Spanish text book from the past year and started reviewing some vocabulary. It's amazing how quickly I forgot so many things, and then how quickly things came back after I looked over them.
I have already started dreaming about the day I come back, even though that is 2 months away. I know I will have so many great stories, and so many other things to give and tell people. I just can't wait.
But, until then, I am stuck in a store with a cd that plays on repeat all day and that smells like a medicine that should make you throw up. Since being back at The Limited I have picked up on some lingo that I had forgotten. some of which are things like:
"I'm running to the back"- meaning, "I'm going to go text someone really quick, I'll be back in a second."
"I'm going to the bathroom"- meaning "I'm really going to the bathroom, but I'm taking my phone to text or make a phone call, it may be a while"
"Can I take the trash out for you?"- meaning " I can't stand being in this store any longer and I have to get out now or I'm going to go insane"
"I'll check the dressing rooms" -meaning "I'm going to go look for clothes that need to go back while checking myself out in the mirror"
"I need to copy my schedule"- meaning " I am tired of working the floor and I'm going to take a break and take my time writing down my schedule".
That is just to name a few. and on that note I'm finished.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm leaving the 9th of Mexico.
and I don't think you understand.