Friday, September 28, 2007

two in one.

This time last week as I was leaving my dorm room I slammed my finger (middle finger on the left) in the door. it hurt like the dickens. now today I have whacked my same finger on the other hand on a chair, it got really swollen and purple. I thought it was fractured so I went to the nurse and she told me that it wasn't (thank goodness!). but she did tell me to keep my hand upright with ice on it and take some ibuprofen. I haven't done any of that yet, and that was like...6 hours ago. hmm.
Aside from a jacked up finger things are pretty jammin right now. the nudey class is going very well thus far, I have actually learned a lot about drawing proportionally and such. that's about all I can say for that. the way my teacher has taught us the material leading up to drawing with a live model really made it easy to draw from a live model. we started with drawing the skeletal structure, then we drew muscles on that, and now the way we handle the live model is just taking it from the point of view of drawing a skin layer on the muscles. so as I am drawing it is very easy to draw from the mind set of just drawing bones and muscles with skin on it. I haven't looked at any of my drawings outside of class and today I looked through my portfolio and was shocked at the drawings in it. I didn't feel like I drew all of the people in's bizarre.
I will soon post some pictures of my art (the G rated version) and my photography. the photography stuff is going great, I have some amazing pictures and my professor is really pleased with my work. that is fantastic.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nudey Nudey Mac-a-doody!

Today I had my first class with the nude model.
the whole time I was sitting there before she took off her robe I kept thinking "Please don't take that off! Please don't take that off!". I was in denial the whole time of what was about to happen.
in all actuality though, it wasn't that bad. I did what I had to do then left class and still felt ok. that is the good news.


I was most rudely awakened at 3:00 A.M by this horribly scratchy buzzer sounding thing. I rolled over and then out of bed and walked around in the dark for a moment [what in the world?? who has their alarm set for 3 in the morning???] I stumbled around some more with no purpose as to where I was going. Catherine moaned and asked what was going on, I didn't care to know so I told her I was going back to bed. right as I was getting back in bed though, she told me I should check things out. once again I removed myself from the warmth and safety of my covers and walked to the door. when I opened it I realized that it was a fire drill and we were supposed to be going outside. Catherine and I stumbled down the stairs behind a few other girls and made our way into the cold street. we sat there and laughed at the fact that we were all sitting outside in the middle of the night and that so many people looked so rough. What we didn't know at the time is that when there are fire drills the RA's go around inside and check the rooms and make sure that all the girls are out and they know what is going on. there is also a rule here that says that guys can't be in the dorms past 12:00 A.M. while we (all the girls) were sitting outside waiting for the alarm to go off we noticed a person coming down the stairs. it was a guy all alone. basically all the girls busted out laughing because someone had got caught with a guy in their room (which meant they would get written up). the guy came walking down the stairs then kept on walking to his dorm has the girls all laughed uncontrollably. that must have been so embarrassing for the guy. I felt kind of bad for him.
anyway! we finally got to go back to bed...and all was well. point of this story:
I don't like fire drills.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

a picture

Blue skies all around me
a light breeze that carries the fragrance of fall
warms rays of sunlight on my skin

I lay still in order to absorb all of the goodness of the sun
my book in hand, I read
I don't care what words await me in the book
with my eyes closed I see pictures of the fall to come
I breathe
Today I want to be a golden leaf that falls gently to the ground
I feel small in the grand scheme of things

silence is golden.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

crunching numbers

5 fans sitting in anticipation
4 helpings of junk food
3 pom-poms
2 extremely drunk guys
1 close game

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

bloated like a dead frog

Sufjan, graphite, big pants and small shirts.
I am comfy now.
I have only two projects to finish before the night is over, this overwhelming pain in my stomach is holding me back greatly though (I will blame it on the Caf food).

School is still going well, I am enjoying it more and more each day. Every moment that I am in my room with Catherine it makes me so glad that I don't have any more general ed. classes! I spent three hours in the darkroom today with only 4 prints to show for it. oh well, art takes time. Right now in drawing II I am working on a representation of one of Michaelangelo's drawings. it's pretty kickin. I have two rolls of film to take before Friday and no projects in 2-d. as I said before. I am enjoying school greatly. sometimes I am saddened because I don't have time to sit and talk on the phone and tell everyone the details of my life here at vallo. and when it comes time to write on her the words escape my mind and I have nothing to say but "it's great". so there. "it's great"

If any of you should wish to write me, my address is

Suzannah Wells
UM box 1982
Montevallo, Al, 35115

Saturday, September 8, 2007

art walk and friends

And so the journey began. Art Walk 2007 in Birmingham.

Chris is art. Sadly, no one had room for him in their art display area.

we walked here and there looking in various peoples lofts looking at art work.

This is my friend Andrew, he's a punk.

Zach being cool. or just waiting for Catherine and Chris to come back.

After the art walk we went to a diner call "Al's", it was awesome. we were teaching Zach how to smile in pictures. it was pretty hilarious.
This couch was made completely out of neck ties. pretty much the most amazing day bed ever.

Yay! Catherine!

We like to dance in Waffle House parking lots.


Poor Chris.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

because I'm here.

- Frisbee with Zach and Catherine at 11:00 p.m
-eating the sugar off of my frosted mini wheats
-sleeping whenever I want (although I keep a pretty good schedule)

Monday, September 3, 2007

sniff sniff

My nose is running like a faucet right now, and there is nothing I can do about it. I feel so sick!!!
I have just returned to Montevallo from a 3 day visit in Dothan. I have to say that for now I am glad to be back here. I didn't realize how amazingly fresh it feels to be in an unfamiliar place. I am glad to walk around in the afternoon and see new faces in everyplace. within the first 5 minutes I was in Dothan I saw a least 20 people that I know not that that is a bad thing, I am just enjoying this new "season" of newness. Now that I am back and I am ready to take over with my trusty side-kick Catherine.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

how and who I am.

Dear people who read this:
my apologies to you for not writing here as often as I should. School has been a big crazy mess. so here is the story-
I arrived in Montevallo Thursday of last week. I drove up past Montevallo actually and picked up Ssom then went back. we basically spent the afternoon unpacking my things and getting settled into the room. I am very proud to say that I am becoming a good driver on the interstate! before, I was terrified to drive on the interstate and merge with traffic and so on. and I found out that when you're alone and you don't have people saying things about your driving then it's a lot easier. so anyway, the first couple of days at school were a huge bore. we didn't have classes and so Catherine (my awesome roommate) basically spent our days playing card games and other assorted games we bought at wal-mart. we found a church to go to on Sunday and it was alright. I don't think we will go back again.
School started Monday and I didn't really feel that nervous. all of my classes went over really well and I got to know a few people.
In my 2-d Design class I had the opportunity to share with my class what I wanted to do after school, I told them all that I wanted to be a worship leader and that I wanted to art maybe on the mission field. That was the most terrifying thing I have ever done. and I was so excited when I actually did it. because of that conversation started in our class about mission work, and then the next class day a guy called me out and asked if I was the one who wanted to do mission stuff, I told him I was and he told me that he wanted to be a youth pastor. in another class the same kind of thing happened, I found out that the guy who sits behind me is a worship leader and he invited me to come to his church and lead youth worship there. I was very excited to say the least. I have always been concerned about tell people I was a Christian because I didn't want them to think things about me that weren't true, like that I would treat them bad or something. but then I realized that if I tell people that I am a Christian then I have an opportunity right there to show them what Christ is like, and that I am not like many other Christians.
I have also been meeting tons of new people. I was practically pulled along to a college Bible study thing which turned out to be amazing. I got to meet this guy that I had been wanting to meet for a while (he has a HUGE afro) and turns out that he is super nice and plays Frisbee. so throughout the week I have been meeting tons of awesome people and learning how to step out of my comfort zone and meet new people. and most importantly how to simply be myself when so many other people are all fitting into the cookie cutter personality that is required to be "someone". The Lord has really been showing me a lot about following Him and being a living example of who He is. I am getting a chance to take things that I have been learning over the years from family, Sean, Zach, Lisa (and many others) and putting it all into practice. I feared when I first left for school that I wasn't going to really grow a lot spiritually, but in the first week alone I really think I have. I am very excited to see what the rest of the semester will be like!
there are many other things I could write about but I must go do homework. :0) until next time!