Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Birds eye view

Today as I walked to class I couldn't help but think that from the sky, all of the students walking to class must look like a bunch of cattle. yeah, smoking cattle.

I also realized that out of the two computer labs in the computer building, one is for the crazy people who talk really loud, listen to screaming music, and play video games. and the other is for those who want to take school seriously.
I don't like the lab with the crazy people in it.
right now, they are talking and laughing (driving me insane) about some game or ....oh, south park...isn't that a cartoon? the other thing is... they are allllllll fat. I feel like I'm in some kind of movie. "now you're gonna laugh....oh, it get's funnier." one guy says.. the over weight guy sitting with him is wheezing he is laughing so hard... oh goodness. "oh my god"... the fat guy says as he catches his breath. "my mom would slap me if she heard me listening to this...now this is pushing it". and so the conversation and laughing/wheezing continues....I can't take it any more!

Monday, January 29, 2007


1 : to long or hope for
2 a : to express a wish for
3.a longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment: a desire for fame.

I desire- a place to rest, a place where my mind can wander freely without the cares of where it may go.
I desire- to live with abandonment in my life.
I desire- to be loved.
I desire- to love.
I desire- to grow, to know, to live, to learn.
I desire- the imagination of a child.
I desire- to paint with amazing skills.
I desire- to have truth, kindness, gentleness, patience, peace engraved in my heart.
I desire- to stand out.

Friday, January 26, 2007

A week of unfortunate events.

I think I can officially say this has indeed been a week of some unfortunate events. well, maybe not that many, but certainly some interesting things.

1. I dropped my $300 brand new cell phone in the toilet at wallace, and then got it out. (and the bad part is, before I used that particular toilet the person before me had taken a massive dump and left tracks in the toilet, and my phone was laying in the bottom of it.)

2. I have learned some strange things in my Biology class. on Tuesday we spent the majority of out time together talking about men who have breast. I was a bit horrified and thought of how strange that was. we also talked about some other rather unpleasant side affects of taking steroids and hormones. I also found out that my teacher is a stand up comedian. but she told us she only tells jokes about 'adult things'. she is strange.

3. I have moved out of my room and into the office. so far I like it a lot. although I can't help but think as I drift off to sleep how the setup of the room looks like a murder scene from a movie.

4. I was interviewed at school yesterday. and I made it on the front page of the Dothan Eagle. the only thing is, I was misquoted. that is the reason I don't like news people (like I said in an earlier posting.) anyway, the man talked to me about transferring and what my plans were, nothing spectacular really.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A crowded mind for such a nice day.

For the past 30 minutes or so I have been sitting on the computer looking at the various web pages that I am involved in. I went to check my mail and the news headline caught my eye "two missing boys found alive". Since I don't have much to do (other than study Economics, Biology, Computer Application, Psychology, Music Appreciation, practice piano, eat, and clean), I figured I would scope it out. Now, I have never really had any great feelings towards the whole new industry. I get tired of just hearing about the junk that happens these days, as Bill Johnson said "good news just doesn't sell." and that saddens me. He (Bill Johnson) also said that there was a magazine once who just sold stories of good things that happened, but that didn't last long because no one would buy it. Anyway! getting back to my point, I read this "The boys were found in the home of 41-year-0ld Michael Devlin, 41. He was arrested Friday with one count of kidnapping." hmm, Department of redundancy department.

Another thing my morning venture on the internet has brought to my attention is the hilarious way the people on myspace talk to each other. I was reading some comments and saw how people would say things like "since you commented on my picture, I had to comment on yours" and things like "If you want people to comment on your page you have to comment to them first" and yet another that said "I don't understand why no one will comment me! I comment to people all the time, this is stupid!"
I laughed. it's like..... well, it's just stupid.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

BIO 103, something must be done.

This Biology class has taught me some strange things in the past 3 days that I am pretty sure I could have lived without.
For Instance, here is what my teacher said and my own thoughts...

Teacher- "we are going to be discussing Fungi in this chapter..."
My thoughts- [this probably isn't going to fun, I like mushrooms...]
"blah blah blah...mushroom sex"
[What the heck?! did she just say 'mushroom sex'???]
"yep, that's right, when you see a mushroom you're really just seeing fungi having sex"
[I knew I didn't want to talk about this stuff]
"and the color you see are just the fungi showing their..."
[ I know I don't want to hear this]
[yep...just as I thought]
"so next time you see a mushroom you may want to cover it up and say 'hey, watch it!'"

so tonight I went to dinner with the youth worship team and we ordered fried mushrooms.
David laughed and asked what I knew about mushrooms (since he knew I wasn't liking the whole biology/fungi thing). Without refrain I told everyone about the mushroom sex story.
David popped the mushroom in his mouth and while chewing spoke to the mushroom saying "hey, stop that..." and something else that was funny.

I will never look at mushrooms the same, and I know I will never eat one and not think back to this biology class.

sweet sassy-molassy.

Thursday, January 4, 2007


I am ready for normal life to be normal again.