Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Long Pause, Deep Breath

I have neglected this blog for far to long.
Joe pointed out that according to my blog I am still flying over the gulf. Well, I am not.

I have been back at school for a little over two weeks now and classes just started yesterday. The first week back I felt a flood of emotions. I was glad to be back, but in the same moment couldn't wait to get away again. This is my last year here, and I want to cherish and keep each moment that I have, good and bad.
So, the first week back was mostly RA training and getting to know each other. I think I got to know a few people a little more than I wanted to.
The halls were empty and quiet. A little creepy, but relaxing.
Move in day was insane. On the first night the freshmen clogged 3 of the 5 working toilets. Despite the clogged toilets, I am glad to have girls running around the halls again. Last year I was an RA over about 16 girls, and this year I have 35 with three more rooms that will be filled after they rush. So, I will have a little over 40 after that.

There is something about this place that causes me to stop what I am doing and reflect on life. Maybe that is just me procrastinating, or maybe something else, but I am enjoying it.

My class schedule is pretty good this semester. My earliest classes are at 10:00. and I have them all afternoon.

I am expectant of the Lord to do great things this semester, and I am looking forward to growing in my relationship with Him and learning who He is more.

Friday, August 8, 2008

In a matter a time

I will be flying over the gulf of Mexico in about 24 hours.

I am excited.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Its ok to be a little jealous.

i couldnt figure out how to rotate the picture. but, you get the point.
I have about 1,000 pictures, but since the computer is so slow i can only put up a very few pictures.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lesson not-so-well learned.

So, actually I have had the water cut off on my twice since my last post. you would think i would learn to just get a shower earlier.
The deal is that after sometime (i have yet to figure out when it is) they cut the water off for the day in order to conserve it. hmm.

I know I have said that I would post pictures but i have decided to wait until i get home to do that because i want to be with my family the first time they see the pictures. after that i will post them here.

Only 8 days until i am in America!!!! and then it will be Cereal, Milk, Italian food, Joe, and Family for me! yay!