Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can you handle this?

This Christmas I have some of the coolest gifts for people.
I am so excited.

I will be home in a matter of hours and I can hardly wait. It seems the older I get, the more I value and enjoy the time I have with my family.
I am very excited about the new addition to our family. I am looking forward to family vacations with PK now joining in. I love my family. It makes me so upset when people talk about their brother or sister-in-laws that they don't like. I love John, and I love PK.

Merry Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

At any given time I would rather be with Joe than anyone* else.

*this is not a bash against my family, it's just that I am totally in love with this guy. that's all.

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's the most wonderful time...

This past weekend Joe and I went Christmas shopping!
We went to tons of different stores and walked more than I usually walk in a week.
He is probably my favorite person to go shopping with. We walked into one particular store looking for a gift for summer. we were originally going to go in a split a gift, but once he walked in he got excited because everything in the store was like summer. He walked around until he found what he wanted most and when I brought up the fact that I thought we were going to split a gift he just smiled and said that he wanted to buy this thing especially for her. it was so cute. we looked around some more and Joe searched and searched for the perfect thing to go along with what he originally found. He is so precious.
He is just like dad when it comes to finding and buying things. He gets an idea of what he wants then he researches, and then searches for the best price. Then he compares it all....and then he looks some more. He reads every little detail and then reads it all again. then he questions it all and compares some more.
I have bought most of the Christmas gifts I need, but I am still lacking a few. I don't know what to give to mom, and I am stumped with the married and soon to be married people. I have joint gifts, but I still feel like my sisters deserve their own gift.
I love Christmas. I am so excited this year about the gifts I have to give away. I haven't even thought that much about what I want. I can't wait to give.
Ho Ho Ho... merry beeshi!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I stink at updating this thing.

This past weekend was really fun. I got to hang out with Joe (and friends) as well as see my wonderful sister Sarah! (who was willing to stay with me in a hotel even though we didn't sleep well there).

I only have 2 weeks before finals begin! I am completely excited about that.
I registered for my LAST semester of school a week ago!!! I can't believe it is almost time to wrap things up.
Next semester I am taking three studio classes:
-Advance Photography - historic processes (that is going to be way awesome)
- Advance Printmaking - Relief (We will be making huge 30 x 70)
- Digital Media -(things like photoshop)
- Art History - Italian Renaissance (that is the only serious class I have)
Looks like I'm going to have tons of time to work on my racquetball skills. I don't know what I am going to do with all of that time.

As for now though, I have a lot to do. I have an interview with a Hispanic guy tomorrow and then I have to write a 15 page paper and make a 30 minute presentation about it. This is all due next week and I am just starting tomorrow. I have no one (except for the Mexicans that can't speak English well) but myself to blame.

I'm ready for Christmas. I have cool gifts for peoples.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!
I am going to go wait in line at a new chick-fil-a in hopes of receiving 52 free meals for the year. let's hope the line doesn't fill up too soon.

I voted today. That was magical.