Saturday, August 22, 2009

My eyes are still sleepy because I just woke up. I enjoy saturdays so much!
My stomach is growling and I'm trying to decide if I should make waffles or muffins. such a tough decision.
Joe is almost finished with his 20-something paper, hooray! we are going to celebrate by going into lexington, watching movies...and I'll probably mop the floor at some point.

Life is good. Even though Joe and I have our moments of arguing and misunderstandings I still absolutely love being married to him, he is wonderful!

Sarah and PK are in Ireland. I'm jealous.

My web page is ALMOST done!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Thought...

While I wait for the cassettes to finish copying, I will update again.
I just checked our family blog and had a thought.
I just thought to myself "I never imagined it would be this way..." I was looking at the pictures of us four girls. Three of us with our husbands. I never imagined that when we got married that we would still be close to each other. For some reason I had always thought that once we grew up and got married we would all marry strange straight laced men who only wanted to work and would not care to get to know the family.
It's all so different than that though. I so look forward to talking with each of my sisters, and my mom, dad, and gradmothers. I love receiving random texts from summer at 2:45 A.M. Well, I don't like the fact that they are at that time, but I love having a sister who wants to show me her bedroom with new pictures on the wall. I love my brothers-in-law. They are tons of fun, and both have wonderful personalities that I greatly appreciate! I look forward to seeing my family beyond what I could have ever imagined!
I love them all so much, I love the guys they married, I love my almost 18 year old sister, I love the talks with the grandmothers...I love it all..I love how life has turned out. . . and, I can't wait to meet the guy summer will marry, because I know he will be wonderful!
I updated a while back about what people at the limited to when they don't want to work, and now I will proceed to update with what people do in IT when the don't want to work.

There are 4 student workers, and over the past two weeks we have really had close to no work requests. I have been working on transferring all of the old President's chapel archives over into a digital format and putting them on the internet, there are a couple hundred total. That keeps me very busy while I wait for something to update on the web site or whatever someone asks me to do. So, there are only 4 computers for the student workers and each computer does a specific task. The one I work on does the cassette archives, the other prints cds, and the other does the media stuff...and the other is just there. If there is only one job for student workers to do now (which is archives stuff) and I am working on the only computer that does that...then what do they do all day???
Good question!
When there is nothing to do, and you don't want to do anything. We usually do what I am doing now...But I am actually putting archives into the computer as I type, I just pause and flip the tape when necessary.
I always wondered what they did and I found out yesterday.
I was printing out CD labels and uploading information into the computer and I had to lean over my desk to reach the CD duplicator, which was on Stephens desk. I reached over, and without him noticing looked at what was on his computer. It was definitely a YouTube video. all he did for the 4 hours I was at work was play on YouTube. But...every time someone would walk by he would pull up the work request forms and make it look like he was doing something. I don't have the guts to sit at work and watch videos. I find it daring just to check the weather...and writing a blog is....well.... something. (this is my first time)
Anyway, I thought is was interesting that he did nothing for 4 hours and got paid for it.

Joe and I are doing great.
I have a web site for photography now! when I'm done I'll post the web address.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm getting into seeing how much food I can make for the least amount of money. So far, Poppy Seed Chicken has been the best, it lasted us somewhere are 14 plates and ended up costing about 60 cents a plate. 
Any ideas for recipes to look up??