Monday, March 12, 2007

New Orleans

Who knew that Benjamin Franklin was such a party guy?! It seems that he got in on Mardi Gras.

I have returned safely from New Orleans, and it was an amazing trip!
I had an excellent time (except for running head on into a tree and falling and getting soaked)

I think I played pretty good for the competition, but I was so nervous, I don't remember what it sounded like. I do know that after Damon (the guitarist for the other band) played a sweet solo the judge came down on him because he played his Gm7 b5 wrong.

and about running into that tree: We were at a rest stop eating lunch. David and a few of the guys were playing with the Frisbee and David called me to play with them. I hopped up and started running for David to throw it to me long, I was running as hard as I could to catch up with the Frisbee and catch. As the Frisbee was coming to me I was running still looking at it (not seeing where I was going!). all of the sudden I hear "Tree!!!" and then WHAM!!!! I ran straight into the tree. I hit the tree and fell down, it knocked the wind out of me bad. I started laughing (as usual) once I got my wind back, everyone thought I was ok because I was laughing. David ran over and one of the guys told him "she's ok, she's laughing" then david said "No! she's hurt! she laughs when she was hurt!". and let me tell you, that was so painful! I tried to hide it though. now it hurts every time I move, or breathe or anything.
I just wish that for all of the pain that I went through, we would have gotten it on video, because I am sure it looked hilarious.

Monday, March 5, 2007


I have a mid-term in economics in less than an hour and I decided to put off the studying thing. (who cares about that anyway?)
School has been going well this semester, I am happy to not be taking English, Math, or History (but who wouldn't be?!). Taking 21 hours turned out to be a swifter kick in the pants than I thought it would be. Biology is the main thing getting me at the moment. While I was in class a couple of days ago, to every question mrs. martz would ask my response was a quite "who cares?" of course, the only person who could hear me was Aris, and he just laughed. I enjoy sitting by Aris because he laugh at anything and everything I do. (everyone should have a person like that in their life, it makes you feel like you're humorous) so many times in class I will make off the wall comments and he laughs, I also enjoy putting theme music to our lab days, my friends don't understand the importance of amazing theme music yet. they also don't understand the importance of sound effects. I am teaching them though (it is a slow process). for the days that I am in biology either humming my theme music or making sound effects for the various things I do, it makes me glad that I grew up in a family who like doing the same things. I always think about Sarah when I do those things, I know she would jump in with me, and probably add a dance or something.
I don't know, all in all, school is going well, I am enjoying it.

and now I am going to study for Micro Economics.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Out of the mouth...

"baby dead pig!"

"Mom, if you would just buy me some turkey I would make myself a ham sandwich!"

---Sometimes I can't talk straight.

A party.

A Girl

2 models.

A dance.3 crazies.
2 friends
One amazing night.

No one really cares...unless it is them.

I have been struck with a sad truth over the past few days. Last night as David and I went to Wal*Mart I started to tell him about how the whole incident with Enterprise has been passed on. On Thursday when devastation hit Enterprise the news spread quickly, all over the nation, even some parts of the world (I heard it was in Australia). All day long CNN talked of nothing but of the tornado in Enterprise and somewhere else. It was huge. for like...that day.
I signed on to AOL and on the front headline was the news of Enterprise and the deaths. The next day (friday) the news was on to another subject, how Anna Nichole had a pink covering with gems and feathers on her casket.
When D and I were talking he said he realized the same thing, how when something bad happens to an area, peoples first thought is "how does this effect me". when we are out of harms way, it is easy to pass by those who aren't. With 9/11 came a rush of patriotism, people grieved, and people began to state things like "God bless America!" and put little American flags all over the place. but you know what? within a month or so, even that died down. those of us who didn't suffer an immediate loss (such as losing a family member) picked up with life right where we left off, and didn't look back. Our culture is a sad one.
Where is compassion?

Our culture craves bad news, some news place somewhere once tried to make a newspaper of nothing but good news, it didn't sell though.

It's crazy.