Tuesday, February 6, 2007

To my adoring fans.

Dear club members:

I am so pleased to know that you are interested in my work. I have spent many years in the profession of song writing, and I am glad that people such as yourselves appreciate it. Currently I have 10 finished pieces, and I truly hope to finish the others in the future.
But knowing how you all love my music, I though I would give you a run down on the process to writing a song, more particularly my songs. so, without further a due, I give you:

My silent picture

What's the story and where did it begin, behind the mystery of finding what's within
You're telling me.
You seem so fake, but who's to really know, isn't it easy to show only one side for all to see

And what are these wordless paintings speaking now, behind the mystery I think somehow they only want to be free from the frames encasing them.

Do you search the lines to really know, the difference in this picture perfect show,
You're killing me.
You're so wrapped all inside yourself, do you notice the pictures on the shelf are fading away, They're fading away.

And what are these wordless painting speaking now, behind the mystery I think somehow they only want to be free from the frames encasing them.

So neglect becomes our weakest point to the masterpieces we don't understand. It's time someone takes a stand and frees the captives from their frames, takes the pictures and gives them names. (Ch)

So, here is how this song came about. I was walking through the house one day and I saw a picture leaning against the wall. I had never really liked this picture and realized that I had stopped paying attention to it through the years to the point where I didn't notice it any longer. I had just been on a retreat and it made me think of how people treat kids like a picture they don't like. and what I mean is this: They don't understand the kids personality, or character, and so they neglect them and pay attention to the ones they do understand. I think when we as humans don't like something it is in us to not pay attention to it if we can't get rid of it. Every person is Gods masterpiece, and it isn't up to us to decide if it is beautiful or not. when we neglect those we don't understand they fade into the background until eventually they fade out completely. my question to the people around me is "what are these wordless paintings speaking now?" who is reaching out to those who are "silent". The words "do you search the lines to really know...." came from me thinking about how if you don't know are and you were to look at a picture, you probably wouldn't be able to pick things out in it, or if you don't know car engines, you probably couldn't tell one from the other. so then I ask "do you search the lines to really know the difference in the picture perfect show..." meaning, do you pay attention to students who put of a 'picture perfect' front and really get to know them? we get so wrapped in ourselves that we neglect very important people. "neglect becomes our weakest point".

And this is a very scatter brained example of how this song came about. I put thought into it. I like the song. Jesus likes the song. and I am sticking it to the man...or something.