Thursday, October 15, 2009

Leadership? Education? Leadership? Education? Leadership? Education?

I've been going back and forth all week between the two. I am trying to decide whether or not to continue with Christian Education or to go with Christian Leadership. I can't decide. I have asked different professors their opinion about which would better equip me for what I want to do and it seems I have a 50 50 response for everyone. actually, that is not true, it has been suggested more often that I continue with CE. One professor simply responded "Pray about it". Thanks. I am praying about it, but as of now feel no particular direction. In fact, I wonder if this is even what I should be doing. I have struggled a lot with the question of why I am doing what I am doing.

Hmmm. I have more thinking and praying to do...

Christian Education:
The Master of Arts in Christian Education is designed to prepare students for a vocation of nurture, formation, and life-span discipleship in parish, institutional, or cross-cultural settings. They will be equipped to provide leadership for educational ministries that effectively seek to present everyone mature in Christ.

Christian Leadership:
The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership program equips persons to function effectively in a variety of leadership positions. The program serves future leaders who are called to local church settings, parachurch organizations, college student development or in the marketplace.


John & Laura Arnold said...

Hmmm... Let's discuss together. ; )

Love you!


Anonymous said...

Education. If your only expertise is leadership what does that even mean? Be a leader among educators, but first obtain some expertise and experience within the field so you actually have credibility. Care about and take a stand for people while offering your skills and services... and leadership will happen. I have taken course after course on leadership and by and large they are of modest value in developing leadership. Expertise and experience (along with truly caring and being a servant) seem to be a better option. Leadership will happen, however if you want a piece of paper to document that you are a leader... by all means proceed.

A. Jones

Truth be told... you will probably enjoy success with either degree.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jesus wants you to just pick one! =]

-not complete stranger.

by the way I love and miss you.

hmmm... I wonder if you will be able to guess who I am.

Until then!

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