Monday, September 14, 2009

Required Laughter

I have been experiencing a strange situation where the man who is head of the IT department says something not so funny and everyone, as if on cue, bursts out in laughter. He stomps through the office every morning with his little sweater vests of bright colors and complains for about five minutes straight, all the while the other workers laugh with him at his misfortune and complaints. It just feeds the fire I believe. He is not a funny fact he is a little immature for having a doctorate. I guess it is a required thing to laugh when your boss laughs, or is making a joke. I refuse to laugh though. It's not funny. I just pretend to not be listening as I continue to work on audio files and then he eventually moves on to other places and more work. I wonder if the other workers ever wonder why they laugh with him.

I don't know.


Laura said...

Perhaps they drew the Quelf card "if one person is laughing, you should be laughing with them" or something like that ; )

love you! had fun this past weekend : )

sarahwells said...

when in Rome,do as the Romans, just laugh with them.

Rach H. said...

well, the sweatervests say it all

Anonymous said...

Where is the love?

A. Jones